WebVR with A-Frame @Circuito SENAI

The Circuito SENAI is a technology event of the National Industrial Learning Service in São Paulo that spreaded modern technologies, we worked in this event to ensure that more web developers are introduced on WebVR, 3D and A-Frame to begin creating virtual reality experiences in the Web.

I’ve been at the event to talk about WebVR and A-Frame, encourage more people to join in developing new virtual reality experiences on the Web and invite everyone to attend our hands on A-Frame Workshop that will happen next month.

It was so important to talk about VR, WebVR and 3D and tell the history of the development of these technologies and show what they have in common, and most importantly, show how Mozilla is working to ensure that this technology reaches more people and is accessible to everyone on the Web, our talk included topics such as:

  • VR/3D
  • Headsets
  • Friction of VR Ecosystems
  • WebVR
  • WebGL
  • Supported browsers
  • Metaverse
  • A-Frame (how setup, how start coding, docs, examples…)

Many developers believe that virtual reality is just a dream or utopia, or something extremely difficult to develop, this talk is important to show otherwise, that virtual reality is on the web and that we can all begin to create with open and modern technologies that Mozilla and other organizations around the world are developing.

After our talk many people joined us to talk, test and meet A-Frame demonstration, and everyone was invited to join us next month at our WebVR Camp to learn and develop practical things with A-Frame along with our awesome Mozilla volunteers team, this invitation was so important and necessary that in just a few hours the tickets sold out!

Get your tickets to our WebVR Camp at Eventbrite
See my slides for this talk at A-Frame presentation slide decks

Simplesmente muito obrigada todos os palestrantes por terem ajudado a fazer esse evento lindo #circuitosenai Até os próximos 🙂

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Retomando o evento #circuitosenai agora com @geraldo_barros falando sobre VR e criando cenas e ambientes em@realidades virtual

Uma publicação compartilhada por Alda Rocha (@mjcoffeeholick) em

Hooooray!!! See you at our WebVR Camp in July!

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