Mozilla Festival 2016

My Mozilla Volunteer 2016 Report

This is my small report of activities, campaigns and programs that I got involved in throughout the Mozilla community in the last year!

I’m describing a summary of all the actions and adding some links to my blog posts that have all the history of my involvement in all activities at Mozilla.

I am hopeful that this report will inspire you to keep your contribution or join today to our Mozilla community. Read More

Open Place

My new WordPress blog, open now!

Hello Internets!
This is my new blog, it’s connected to Medium network, so you can see all my posts in my Medium profile too.

It is made with WordPress, Swell Lite theme, Overpass font and Jetpack plugin, hosted on Digital Ocean, the SSL certificate is offered free by Let’s Encrypt/Cloudflare, secure and optimized with Cloudflare, a free account  of course!

Geraldo Barros