[Mozilla at] CryptoRave 2017 — 24 hours for privacy and freedom in the network

CryptoRave 2017 — 24 hours for privacy and freedom in the network

The CryptoRave is the biggest open and free event of its kind in the world. The last edition attracted more than 3000 people (!!!): hackers, activists and cypherpunks from different parts of the world and people interested in learning more about safety practices and personal data protection. We were at CryptoRave 2017 yesterday representing Mozilla and talking about the Internet health.

The Internet Health Report

I and Cynthia Pereira talked about Internet Health Report and especially on the topic of privacy and security, the focus of the talk was to present Internet Health Report, a Mozilla’s new open source initiative to document and explain what’s happening to the health of the Internet combining research from multiple sources, and of course get feedback, inform people about the status of privacy and security health and discuss the Internet health in Brazil.

We started talking about Mozilla, a healthy ecosystem, healthy Internet, the attacks that are decreasing the health of the Internet in Brazil and then we introduced the Internet Health Report and then we start by talking about all the key topics in the report, including healthy and unhealthy points for each topic.

After the presentation we started a discussion with the participants about what they think about healthy and unhealthy points of the report, what they think most expressive and any other comment for discussion. Based on open discussion, some comments were important and the keys to a discussion:

  • The web literacy it is one of the most important topics, the Internet is in the hands of many, but people are not know to understand, explore, build and participate, web literacy should include etiquette on the Internet, few tools let you express what people are feeling and the tone of conversation in the social networks.
  • The policy of conduct in social networks does not respect all cultures.
  • Brazilian legislation is a gatekeeper for product innovation across all industry sectors.
  • The Internet is being monopolized by large Internet companies.

Another plus point is that people wanted to get help in something to improve the Internet health, as in the case of two participants who wants to start a Mozilla Club now in their region, I’ll reach him to help on Mozilla Clubs leader training.

Finally, we encourage you to participate in giving feedback through the Internet Health Report feedback session. You can also see our slides deck bellow (thanks Solana for the slides!).

Overall, It was awesome to have the opportunity to talk about the Internet health and have a relevant and open conversation with all. I wanted more 50 minutes to discuss in depth all the topics. 😂

Install Fest

The Install Fest was the perfect space to connect with the people of the event! It was awesome!

We Mozillians (Me, Cynthia and Airton) get together at a single table, we distribute our famous Firefox swags and expect people to reach us, the result was awesome, many people came to us because they recognize Mozilla and its products as a open web advocate and a technology leader, we talk about web compatibility, emerging technologies, Rust, WebVR, Let’s Encrypt, Internet Health Report, Firefox, Mozilla Support and Pocket.

Firefox swag, get yours before you go home, it's free!

Firefox swag, get yours before you go home, it’s free!

Mozilla at Install Fest (CryptoRave Sao Paulo)

Mozilla at Install Fest (CryptoRave Sao Paulo)

The producer of the event came to meet us and receive feedback, I said that I loved the event because it is an open, accessible, relevant and contagious content, in Brazil it is very rare to have events focused on privacy and security. Another important point that we understand the quality of the event is that sponsorships are not accepted in exchange for favors, sales, slots for talks and anything else, this really has guaranteed the great quality of the event.

The event is open and free to allow all people to participate, and the content is divided by levels of knowledge, so everyone can participate, food is vegetarian and vegan so everyone can eat, transportation is easy and fast by tube/bus. This cryptoparty is sponsored by people who donate by crowdfunding.

Text credit: CryptoRave 2017 
Slide decks: Solana Larsen (Mozilla)
Image head:  Douglas Esteves

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