The Internet Health Report at CryptoRave 2017

Internet Health Clinic

The Internet is an ecosystem. A living entity that billions of people depend on for knowledge, livelihood, self-expression, love…. The health of this system relies on – and influences – everyone it touches. Signs of poor health in any part impacts the whole. We’re all connected.

How healthy is our Internet? How might we understand and diagnose it? We believe this is a timely and necessary conversation.

Our individual actions shape the health of the Internet ecosystem. Only by recognizing where the system is healthy can we take positive steps to make it stronger. Only by understanding where it’s at risk can we avoid actions that weaken it.

I’ll be at CryptoRave 2017 tomorrow to talk about Internet Health Report, and especially about the health of Internet security and privacy. Let’s discuss! I hope you’ll join in!

Come to us in our talk
5 topics on Internet Health in the World
Day: 05/06/2017
Start time: 09:00
Duration: 00:50
Room: Chelsea Manning
Track: Politics
Language: Portuguese
More info: talk link.

CryptoRave is the biggest open and free event of its kind in the world. The last edition attracted more than 3000 people (!!!): hackers, activists and cypherpunks from different parts of the world and people interested in learning more about safety practices and personal data protection.

Text credit: Internet Health Report website, CryptoRave 2017 
Image:  Step into the “Internet Health Clinic” @ re:publica 17

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