How to organize and document your Mozilla event with Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper Screenshot

Dropbox Paper is Dropbox’s cloud web text editor that lets you create documents in the cloud that can be managed collaboratively, sharing with your contacts and team, with interface in many languages, the platform allows you to login with the same Dropbox credentials and have features that make it easier to organize events, meetings, campaigns and other tasks in our communities.

If you work on event organization as a representative of Mozilla Reps, you’ll love using Dropbox tools, because it not only enables collaboration, but also has a very comfortable editor, clean, and has cool tools for interacting and organizing tasks with your community team.

Feel free to do an overview on Paper, test and use this template created by myself to facilitate organization of community events, this will facilitate your work in organizing the event and do not forget that you can convert your document to Markdown and download, this allows you to copy all content in Markdown and add it to the Mozilla Reps Event Page, or create a public link to your document and add it to the event page.

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